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César Cuspoca is a Colombian artist based in France since 2012. 


His artistic practice is mainly nourished by questions of perception: the duality between appearance and disappearance, materialism and immaterialism. It is, however, more specifically the idea of experience which takes a central role in his approach, and which allows him to structure his creative process. 


The birth of these experiences is often related to the desire to explore unchartered, and sometimes hostile, territory.  This can be anything from walking for hours over an icy fjord at -30°C, to getting lost inside the crater of a volcano, to spending weeks in an Amazonian forest among an American-Indian community, or visiting the beach of an undiscovered village. 


Throughout these experiences, whether alone or accompanied by a production and research team, Cuspoca produces still images, videos, and sound recordings. He combines the materials that he collects with elements of the local environment to build in situ installations which speak in the vernacular and resonate with the exposition site where the work is both created and exhibited.


Sandrine Servent is a curator and an art producer based between Paris and Lille.

After seven years working as an art producer and an agent in the photography industry between London and Paris, she launched Mina Raven, an non-profit organisation to promote visual art around Europe.

The objective of Mina Raven is to inform and inspire a vast audience by presenting bold and interesting emerging artists from around the world, with a focus on diversity, inclusion and environmental issues.



Graduating from the University of Paris Diderot and the National University of Colombia, Jenifer Vega is a linguist from Columbia that is currently conducting linguistic research on the Korebaju language.

She has been closely following the Korebaju since 2013.