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The Korebaju (meaning Children of the Earth) or Coreguaje (in spanish) inhabit the river banks of the Ortegueza on the outskirts of the Colombian Amazon in the Andean foothills.  They are an Indigenuous community with a population of approximately 2000 people.  All members speak Korebaju, and the adults also speak Spanish.

Fishing, hunting and agriculture are their main activities. Because they are still bound to their culture and language, the Korebaju have managed to preserve their spiritual customs and rituals, and to perpetuate their oral tradition and their songs.

Long affected by the exploitation of quinine and rubber, their region, way of life and existence are being threatened today by oil and mining projects that have been developing since the conflicts with the FARC have decreased in intensity.

According to UNESCO, the Korebaju language is in imminent "danger of extinction". At present, community leaders are seeking to make themselves known in order to prevent the extinction of the Korebaju and the disappearance of their culture.


Documentary on the Korebaju/Coreguaje people, directed by 'Comisión de la Verdad', Colombia, 2021.

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